Why US? our Differences

As you know, the real pearls coming from oysters are offered for sale at various prices and quality by many websites. We have prepared this page in the face of questions from our customers.

Pearl Necklaces are the highest quality craftsmanship products that you will not find on other websites. We have no competitor who can approach our quality remotely or closely.

Why US?

1- "Pearl Necklace" is a Registered Trademark! Full 10 YEAR!

Yes, "pearl necklace" is a registered trademark approved by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority and its use belongs to us. The official web address extensions of www.incikolye.com.tr and www.incikolye.org belong to us.

2- We are the first to unleash the idea!

We are the first company to produce and sell the real pearl and necklace product concept from our oyster on our website as silver and special design.

3- We produce in Turkey, China Production Değiliz!

We want to say proudly, Silver, and Gold Chain Necklace All our models are produced in Turkey, with the latest technology and the most advanced jewelry materials. In other sites, models and pendants from China are used.

As you know, Turkey is one of the few countries in the world in the field of jewelery, silver and gold production boutique located in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is manufactured in our workshop. While the quality of production is at the top of the world standards, we never thought of using Chinese cheap jewelry products and models. Note: oyster shells and pearls are cultivated in the Chinese seas.

4- The most advanced technology and quality, we are assertive!

Yes, while producing pearl necklaces, we produce pearl necklaces one by one, paying special attention to each one in our atelier in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Our products are made by Sadekar and Mıhlama Usta who have been doing this work as art for years.

All jewelery tools, Silver and Gold used, all solvents used in plating and polishing are selected from the best brands in the world.

5- Real Natural Stones, Hand Pinning!

The precious stones like sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald used in the pendants are used as original real stones in our products. In the products sold on other sites, these stones, with colored zircon (colored glass) that is worthless stones, comes directly from the casting.

In our workshop, all real and precious stones are assembled by one hand, by our diamond nailing craftsman, and are guaranteed for lifetime against falling.

6- We do not fool our customers with fancy cards and certificates!

We receive inquiries from our customers, "Other companies are issuing internationally valid certificate cards, do you? No We do not!

International certificates are generally given to expensive and diamond products by companies such as GIA and HRD, because they are really internationally valid and the fees are very high. International certificate prices start from a minimum of 75 euros (approx. 600 TL), how do you think the certificate price is 600 TL, how can you buy both the product and the certificate 190 or 350- 450?

We do not mislead any of our customers with our own plastic cards, which have no validity in the country or abroad.

7- Pearl Quality and Pearl Types!

Real culture pearls are used in the products sold on our site, these pearls are completely natural in their own way. We do not provide any guarantee for the forthcoming pearls.

The market sells expensive varieties of pearls such as fresh water, akoya, south sea, tahiti, the reality of which is controversial, and we certainly do not sell these pearls. Because for the first time you open the oyster from the real pearl, the quality and type unfortunately can not be known in advance. While there is such a fact, we do not want to mislead customers.

for example Tahitian pearl The dyed black freshwater pearl emerges.

8- Fast Delivery, Gift Package, Overseas Shipping!

Even if you do everything, the quality of the gift package and delivery is very important. As a pearl necklace, we make each product a special gift package, and then put it in a cardboard box and then in a cargo bag so that it is not damaged during shipping.

We provide the fastest delivery in Turkey with Mng cargo and Domestic Cargo and abroad with UPS and DHL cargo.

If you have a gift note, write it on the gift card and add it to the package.

9- We are in Istanbul!

Our company headquarters in Istanbul, you can see the products in the showroom at any time. Turkey's Istanbul and we're in each region have the advantage of very fast air cargo abroad.

İstanbul İnci Kolye Dealer Information

10- Sales Sites!

www.incikolye.com.t is


I www.vipinci.co

www.lovepearl.com.t is

Our products are sold only on the above sites.

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