emerald pearl necklace
Silver Plated Pearl Necklace Vipinci
Silver Plated Pearl Necklace Vipinci

Silver Plated Pearl Necklace Vipinci

Normal price 500.00 TL Discount Price 399.00 TL

Oyster Pearl Necklace with Emerald ...

Pearl Necklace Chain and Pearl's heart-shaped cage to be put into 925 Sterling Silver.

In the middle of the pendant is a heart-shaped 3 1 class.

Type of Stone: 1. Quality Real Emerald.

Stone Size: 0,05 carat

Real pearl necklace in real oyster, specially preserved in canned sea water.

It is a special gift that you can offer to your loved ones in its special gift package.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that 5 pearls of different colors can be found in the oyster. In addition, pearls represented by each color have a worldly power according to Chinese belief.

Historic and beautiful legend:

Colorful pearls, oysters in the old islands of the South China Sea

Waiting for birth.

And the locals who are old say:

'' Hides the power of magic in a Pearl ''

And whoever opens the oyster, all the beautiful dreams come true ...

Each color is an expression of emotion.

White ... Wisdom

Success Cream ...

Peach ... Health

Mora Wealth ...

Black Love ...


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